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Empowering the voice within

What do we mean when we say, "Your Voice"? Often what we truly want is lost somewhere in the recesses of our minds. Sometimes what we want evolves along the way. With so many voices giving advice and telling us what we want during this beautiful season of life the lines of where their voices stop and ours begins gets blurred. It's nice to have someone step into our space with evidence-based truths to explain what's happening and what our options are at each step so we can think with clarity about what it is we truly desire. When things seem to shift it is that comfort that gives us power to speak up for ourselves. We can feel confident that we've been in the driver's seat. That's what a doula can offer you. Your labor and postpartum - with choices that you've been able to make. Always by your side, but never in your way.

It's YOUR voice!!

If a desire to help women find their voice is something that resonates with you, and you find yourself the one women reach out to when in need of encouragement; you may just be a doula and haven’t discovered it yet.  Reach out today to find out what it takes to become a Carolina7 doula.

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