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Even when I was doing the work of a doula as far back as 2008 - if you would have asked me what a doula is at that time, I would have said I have no idea. The work of it has been so natural and normal to me that I found myself crying over stories of women who would experience labor alone or couples who felt lost and uncertain throughout the process. A passion began to grow in me to find a way that more women could have the compassion and support needed to sort through all the crazy emotion and fear of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. All of which has the potential to take something as beautiful as new life and wrap it up in a package we aren’t sure if we ever want to open again. I guess because most of my births were assisted by two of the most beautiful supportive women I know, I was shocked that the same experience wasn’t shared among many other women in my life that I know and love. After working alongside one of my dear friends I was encouraged by her to pursue becoming a doula professionally. I guess the thought had always been roaming about in the depths of my mind but just as we worked to welcome her precious first-born child into the world, she too helped me welcome the birth of a career I can say I am passionate and protective over the way a mother would be a child. 

That passion alongside a love for teaching, mentoring women, and my experience as an entrepreneur gave birth to Carolina7 as you see it today. Just like a child that grows before your eyes I have enjoyed the process of seeing the birth and journey of this doula service; watching it find its feet and start to run. I’m convinced that if you have stumbled across this page there is some resource that Carolina7 can offer to make your own story of life one you will cherish. 

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2829 Alfordsville Rd.

Rowland, NC 28383

Tel: 910-61DOULA (613-6852)

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